Yes, we can chicken!

EscambiaCountyFlaSealEscambia County can now take the stage with The City of Pensacola and countless other communities around the nation. The Board of Commissioners have voted 5 to 0; we can now legally keep chickens in county residential zones.

Thank you, everyone who took the time to contact their commissioners in support of this ordinance change. Also, we would like to extend our thanks to the County Staff who worked with us to make this possible.

16 thoughts on “Yes, we can chicken!

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    Angela, that is entirely within their rights. The best advice is to do as a member of our group has done and get involved with your HOA board. Educate them and dispel any misconceptions they may have. – Keith

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    I’m not an HOA expert, but I believe that they would have to have a majority vote amongst the homeowners to be able to amend the covenants. It might depend on the rules of your particular HOA.

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    Woot woot, we did it guys! First round of meal worms is on me, hahahaha. Like I said earlier, I’m just giddy with excitement. And now for good reason. Big ups to Robin, Keith, and Tom. You guys have done a great job.

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    The County will not enforce HOA rules. So if there is a violation of the HOA regs, then the HOA assoc. would have to pursue it legally. That is what the county told our neighborhood. They only enforce their own ordinances.

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