Chicken Ordinances in Escambia County, Florida


In Escambia County, there are two sets of ordinances about keeping chickens on residential zoned properties, County ordinances and City of Pensacola Ordinances.


On August 20, 2013 the Escambia County Board of County Commissioners voted unanimously to amend Part III of the Escambia County Code of Ordinances (1999), the Land Development Code of Escambia County, Florida, Article 6, Section 6.03.01 by adding the possession of live chickens as a permitted accessory use for single-family residential dwellings.

The adopted ordinance states:

Possession of Live Chickens (Gallus gallus domesticus) Accessory to Single
Family Residential Dwellings. The ownership, possession, and raising of live chickens
(Gallus gallus domesticus) is a permitted accessory use for all single-family residential
dwelling primary uses. Notwithstanding any prohibition of farm animals or minimum lot area established for farm animals, the raising of chickens is allowed in all zoning
districts except Pensacola Beach and Perdido Key where single-family residential
dwellings are permitted primary uses, provided the following standards must be met:

  • The owner or occupant of a lot that is ¼ acre or less in size may not possess more than eight (8) chickens.
  • Roosters are only permitted if kept no less than one-hundred (100) yards from any inhabited residential dwelling other than the dwelling of the owner thereof or the person keeping the same. 
  • Between sunrise and sunset, chickens may roam freely in the fenced rear yard of a single lot. During all other times, chickens must be kept in secure coops, pens or enclosures that prevent access from predators.
  • All pens, coops, or enclosures must be a minimum of 10 feet from rear and side property line of a single lot and 20 feet from any residential dwelling located on an adjacent lot.
  • Chickens may not be kept for commercial purposes unless otherwise allowed by zoning.

You may read the full details about Escambia County’s new chicken ordinance here.


On July 16, 2012 the Pensacola City Council amended Ordinances sections 4-2-1, 4-2-3, 4-2-4, 4-2-5 and repealed section 4-2-6(b). This changed the Poultry and Fowl Ordinances to allow:

  • Allows up to 8 chickens  on your property
  • Prohibits roosters
  • Allows free ranging on your property
  • Changed the setback from 50 feet to 30 feet of adjacent dwellings, churches, hospitals, schools, public buildings or parks.
  • Prohibits keeping poultry for sale, unless allowed by zoning.
  • Prohibits slaughtering of poultry

You may read the full details about the City of Pensacola’s new Poultry and Fowl ordinances here.

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